Salem Print Pack is housed in a fully compounded 6.5-acre facility in the heart of the city and just 1 km from the Coimbatore-Madurai Bye pass. The facility enjoys a 45000 sq. Ft. Processing area and 70000 sq. Ft. Warehousing capacity.

The company is equipped with state of the machinery and quality equipment from

Japan & Germany and has a capacity to convert 500 mt of paper & paperboard per month

The wide variety of machinery available can cater to the packaging needs of several industries from textiles, automobiles, pharmaceutical, FMCG & stationary


Equipped with the latest versions of Corel Draw & Adobe creative cloud.

Pa-sharp & Eng view CAD for processing artworks & designing structures

Aoke sample maker for new product development

Epson digital proofing machine


6 color + coater machine with inter deck & end off press UV with

extended double delivery 2 color machine with perfecting & IR drying

Post Press

Guillotine machine

Pallet stacker & rotator

Leaflet folding with parallel & cross fold attachments

Hot foiling machine

Semi-automatic sheetfed lamination machine

Fully automatic sheetfed lamination machine

Automatic flute laminator with 3 ply & 5 ply pasting

Semi-automatic platen punching machine

Fully automatic platen punching machine

Stripping machine

Window patching with print registration, vertical & horizontal vcut,

embossing & hole punching machine

Carton erection machine with 8 corner pasting

Semiautomatic pasting machine

Fully automatic pasting machine with lock bottom & 4 corner attachment

Quality Equipment

Print flow closed-loop system

Techkon spectrophotometer

Press sign 9 print evaluation software

Sutherland rub scuff resistance tester

IGT gloss meter

Ink draw down tester

Edge compression tester

Bursting strength tester

Shore hardness tester

Ph, conductivity & hardness tester

GSM tester

Digital micrometer

Cobb tester

Our Note Book Manufacturing Unit

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Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

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