Folding carton is one of the traditional packaging methods to package a product and its usage dates back to the 1800s. Folding cartons are versatile in their usage from protecting the product from damages, creating a visual appeal for promoting the product, efficient use of space in storage and shipping, eco-friendly and sustainable & one of the most trusted packaging method by the consumer. Folding cartons are widely used by FMCG, pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics, liquor, consumer durables, agro chemical & auto industries.


The first impression you create for your company is rather not with your product, but it is with the packaging of the product. Packaging is the theatre to tell your story. At Salem PrintPack, every folding carton is specially created and customized to the need of the product. Every aspect of the folding carton from its appearance, size, shape, functionality such as ease of use, storage & protection is evaluated and designed.


We produce folding cartons in variety of substrates ranging from GB to specialty boards, METPET laminated sheets & PP from 180 GSM to 500 GSM with special effects like spot UV, dripoff UV, matt UV, velvet touch, hot foil, multi panel window patching, braille, emboss, deboss & special coating applications such as blister varnish. Partner with us to create the right package for your product.


We at Salem PrintPack make your packaging process more easy and effective. Partner with us to get your packaging right!


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The trend of dining has evolved from customers eating at restaurants to preferring take away and door deliveries. Brands are fighting harder to interact with the customer and keep their brand engagement high. Packaging is a medium which shapes the experience of the customer and a way for the brand to interact with the customer. Getting the packaging right will make the take away dining a sophisticated experience.


 We at Salem PrintPack understand that packaging is the corner stone for any successful take away business. We offer you a wide range of food take away containers with customizable size, shape & design. Our food take away containers are environmentally friendly and is an alternative for the single use plastic containers & utensils whose usage is currently banned. Our food take away containers are suitable for both hot & cold food applications and are 100% food grade and widely used for several foods like burger, noodles, biryani, semi-solid food, deep fried food, pizzas, wraps, shawarmas, momos, chaat, ice-creams & desserts.


Collaborate with us to enrich your customers’ experience with trendy & functional take away packaging!



Since their first use in 1800s, paper bag has been part of our shopping experience despite competition from plastic bags. Paper bags are environmentally friendly, made of eco material and are an ideal choice for companies looking for a 100% recyclable, reusable and an eco-friendly solution. Paper bags are slowly gaining importance in India as we are moving towards sustainable solutions over single use plastics. Paper bags are designed in such a way to hold more goods and stand upright and they are reusable because of their rigidity, strength & weight carrying capacity


. Paper bag offers the most space visually and can be used for promotion campaigns, product advertising, and branding purposes. Salem PrintPack offers paper bags in several shapes, sizes & designs. Paper bags with D cut handles, twisted rope handles, paper handles, nylon handles with & without eyelet, handle reinforcement & bottom reinforcement and embellishments like spot UV varnish & hot foil stamping. We produce paper bags that your customers will desire to carry in their hands.



Leaflets are in usage for its small and concise format enabling to provide a plethora of information for the consumer, be it the consumer durables industry, hardware industry, electrical & electronics industry, agro chemical or pharmaceutical industry, all the products sold by these industries always contains a leaflet with product information & usage/installation instructions. As the industries are modernizing with automation and compliance for industries are becoming higher and more and more information has to be fed to the customer. Salem PrintPack’s expertise lies in understanding this requirement where more information has to be provided in a concise and user friendly format.


Salem PrintPack offers leaflets in several sizes, folding formats & finishes.

Centuries may pass; technology may advance; market shall expand; competition may grow high but demand and tradition remains the same.


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Micro fluted cartons are used because of their strength and sturdiness and the right choice to safeguard a product. These are extensively used in packing electronic equipment, accessories, automobile spare parts, liquor and cosmetics. These boxes are manufactured using fine grade raw material and innovative methods.

We at Salem Printpack can provide micro fluted cartons in various flute sizes ranging from G, E, F & narrow flutes. We can also provide different layers of printing on these cartons, giving the carton a premium finish. The micro fluted carton we produce are in conformation with international quality standards.


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A point-of-purchase is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter. They are generally found in supermarkets, grocery and retail outlets. They are used to draw the attention of the customer to a new product or a special offer and also used to promote special events.

POP displays are important in stores crammed with similar merchandise, essentially setting its merchandise apart from the rest.

We at Salem Printpack provide high-end eye-catching design and printing work for your POP displays. In its early forms, you would only find POP displays and materials in the cash register area. But get in touch with us and work with our creative team, we can show you how it can be placed throughout the store with great success.



Usage of posters dates back to 1840s, this is when the printing industry perfected lithography and made mass production possible.  Posters are generally promotion of an idea, product, or event put up in a public space for attracting or informing large crowd.  They are large printed paper consisting of either text or graphical elements.

At Salem Printpack, we have years of expertise working out precise design required for different types of posters. We ensure that the detailing of information is presented in the most creative manner. We also know how to use different print work such as use of UV layers to enhance the graphical element of the poster and make it visually pleasing and attractive to the audience. 



Labels are used to convey information in its most basic form. In the modern times they are used in various different ways such as marketing, communicating how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of the package or product.

For pharmaceuticals, food, medical, and chemical products, some types of information are required by government legislation. Labels are also used for track and trace purposes. Most items include their serial and lot numbers on the packaging, and in the case of food products, medicine, and some chemicals the packaging often contains an expiry/best-before date, usually in a shorthand form.

We at Salem Printpack specialize in producing attractive labeling for your product, encouraging potential buyers to purchase your product. We work closely with our clients to ensure that design chosen are key to the story telling element of brand development. Due to the increased media landscape in the digital age this aspect is of growing importance.



From quickly writing down creative inspirational insights to scribbling down notes or just to keep a journal, a notebook is an essential stationery item to have. There are wide range of notebooks in various sizes and binding types including, back pressed center strapped, center stitched and spine taped, sewn and perfect bound, spiral, wire-o soft and hard cover.

Our parent company “Ashok Notebooks” have been manufacturing notebooks since 1992. We have been manufacturing notebooks for some of the biggest brand in India including classmate, success and TNPL. We also have our own notebook brand under the name “Ashok Notebooks and Scriby”.

We understand quality and the responsibility to produce eco-friendly. All our products go through extensive quality checks before getting shipped. We use high quality A grade paper that is sourced from approved responsible areas.

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